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Physiotherapy Clinic

 Physiotherapy Rawdon is constantly increasing the quality of care in rehabilitation in the Lanaudière-Nord. In addition to providing conventional physical therapy, they also offer specialized care such as perineal and vestibular physiotherapy, pediatrics, osteopathy and massage therapy.

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Our team is currently comprised of 4 physical therapists and 3 physical rehabilitation therapists, 2 of them are also massage therapists graduates. The staff at the physiotherapy clinic Rawdon is updated regularly to be at the forefront of the latest techniques in physical rehabilitation. This is making us the center of physiotherapy the most complete of our beautiful region.


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Our clinic also has facilities offering an analysis and tracking training, allowing us to adjust the treatment according to evolution. Physiothérapie Rawdon represents the best choice for optimal physical rehabilitation in the Lanaudière region.

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Our Specialized Rehabilitation Services


The origin of the perineal and pelvic pain are from multiple sources

Relief treatment is possible!
Consult a specialist physiotherapist from Physiothérapie Rawdon!

vestibular rehabilitation
Vertigo is a condition in which a person feels a loss of balance and dizziness, as if she or his surroundings moves, rotates or oscillates.

If this is you?
There is physical therapy treatments to help.

Urinary incontinence
It's not because we laugh it's funny!

You lose urine droplets by coughing or jumping?

You have difficulty getting to the toilet in time?

You have pain during sex?

You're experiencing bladder problems or perineal pain?

These problems can be treated with a specialized approach in physiotherapy called the perineal and pelvic rehabilitation.

Consult the specialists in Lanaudière perineal rehabilitation for over 20 years.

At Clinique de Physiothérapie Rawdon, we specialize in treating babies with different problems such as:

-Breastfeeding difficulties (difficulty with sucking, baby's loss of weight, etc)
-stomach pain
-hearth burn
-unexplained cries
-plagiocephaly (flat head)
-retarded motor control development

When to consult with your child?
  • your child head always on the same side?
  • you have notice a deformation of the head of your child?
  • Your child pushes back?
  • you have pain or injury to the breast during breastfeeding?
  • you breastfeed and your child does not take enough weight?
  • your child does not look up when on the stomach at the age of 3 months?
  • the child does not perform roll back towards the belly and is older than 6 months?
  • your child has abdominal pain or unexplained crying?

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